IELTS Writing Development Course

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This 18-hour self-study course is a step-by-step journey through the IELTS writing test. Work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

  • Online & In-Person Learning
  • Overview and analysis of each writing task
  • Personalised IELTS Coaching and Feedback
  • Develop the key skills you need to succeed
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IELTS Writing Development Course


Per Person

  • Extensive background information and theory
  • In-depth overview of each task
  • Detailed explanation of General Training requirements
  • Detailed explanation of Academic requirements
  • Special focus on the most common pitfalls
  • Hands-on practice tasks and model answers
  • Audio-visual materials in the form of simulations and demos of writing tasks
  • Refined focus on issues that pertain to the computer-based (typed) test
  • Skill development in key areas (spelling, grammar and format)
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Highway IELTS Writing Development Course:

The IELTS writing test is formidable. This is why the Highway IELTS Writing Development Course is our most popular Development package. The foundation of this course is the Highway IELTS Writing Development Workbook: a 120-page book written by a committee of linguists, most of whom have worked as IELTS writing examiners in the past. In addition, a seasoned writing coach will pair with you during this process to guide you on each aspect, and to provide quick answers and feedback.

At most test centres, writing is the area of the IELTS exam that people find the most challenging. The Highway IELTS Writing Development Course is designed to develop writing skills and to address the most significant issues that pertain to the IELTS writing test. The course provides a highly detailed description of the test and its requirements. It also incorporates extensive guided practise in key areas including spelling, composition, format and grammar. At the beginning of the course, you will be shown multiple writing samples with detailed criticism and appraisal, to help you develop an awareness of what the test requires. As the course advances, you will be progressively put in the driver’s seat. By the end, you will have used the skills and knowledge presented in the course itself to compose your own writing pieces, either General Training or Academic. These will then be assessed by an experienced IELTS coach to gauge progress and assess whether you are ready to book your test.

The course incorporates 3 modules:

  • Overview and analysis of each writing task, outlining strategies and pitfalls relevant to each
  • Description of the marking rubric and all relevant concepts and terms contained in it, enabling you to see the test from the point of view of the people who mark it 
  • Authentic writing samples for you to evaluate based on your new knowledge of the rubrics
  • Skills development focused on common spelling and punctuation issues
  • Marking of 2 writing tasks by an experienced IELTS writing expert