IELTS Tutoring


  •  2 x 30min Private IELTS Tutoring
  • Personalised Assessing and Feedback
  • Study Plan and Strategy
  • 96% Success Rate
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More Information

IELTS Tutoring is suitable for first-time and experienced test takers. At Highway IELTS, we believe that interactive communication is an important part of learning. This is why we facilitate individual IELTS tutoring sessions with our academic team, either in person or online. This is an ideal way to follow up on a group-based workshop or self-study course. These sessions provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and receive direct answers. They also help to identify any remaining issues before test day.

What the IELTS Tutoring Package Includes

This service includes a minimum of one hour of IELTS tutoring with experienced academic staff. This session focuses on the area of the test you wish to discuss, so students can set the pace. In addition to this, coaches will revise important test issues and concepts.

Advantages of IELTS Tutoring:

You get to focus on your particular areas of concern, along with direct answers to your questions. In addition, the coach will help you to uncover your own strengths and weaknesses and decide which skills need development. Best of all, you can learn in the comfort of your own home, or at one of our venues.

Additional benefits:

 After each of these IELTS tutoring sessions, you will receive a feedback report and advice for improvement. This report, from your own coach, will help you to set up a study plan. Our coaches are all industry experts with decades of experience in IELTS. This experience includes assessment, administration and preparation. In addition, they are all driven professionals with a talent for communication. In  many cases, this interest in people is what motivated them to enter the multinational, fast-paced world of IELTS in the first place. Reach out today – we are ready to go above and beyond to accompany you on your IELTS journey.