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A Virtual course for repeat test takers or for those who have attended our Highway IELTS workshop and Identified speaking as a weakness.

Course Information:

The IELTS speaking test can be a daunting prospect. However, it’s also an opportunity to enhance your overall IELTS profile. If you are well prepared, you can secure a high band score on the speaking test. The Highway IELTS Speaking Development Course equips you to do just that. The course contains:

  • Extensive background information and theory
  • In-depth overview of all three parts of the speaking test
  • Special focus on the most common pitfalls 
  • Test-day strategies
  • Hands-on practice tasks and model answers 
  • Audio-visual materials in the form of simulations and demos of speaking tasks
  • Skill development in key areas (vocabulary, idea generation, speech planning)
  • Simulated assessment

In addition, a friendly and experienced speaking coach will pair with you during this process to guide you on each aspect, and to provide quick answers and feedback. 

What will I learn?

At the end of the process you will have learned:

  • Strategies for successfully addressing each part of the test, particularly the “long turn”
  • How to keep going when you run out of things to say
  • How to tackle a speaking topic that is out of your comfort zone
  • Ways to enrich your speech and improve the impression it makes on examiners

The speaking test, in particular the middle section or “long turn” can be intimidating. The interview format, combined with the pressure of test day, can combine to create a stressful experience. However, this need not be so. If you are well-prepared and know what to expect, you can approach this test with confidence and walk away with a good score that will greatly enhance your IELTS profile. Your personal IELTS coach will gauge your progress through the study material and practice exercises and advise you about your test readiness.

1-2 Weeks

15 – 25 Hours






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Channel your focus in developing the key skills you need to succeed!

Modules Included in this Course:

  • Module 1: Skills Assessment & Feedback

    The very first step taken in this course will be an online, in-person introduction and skill analysis session with your personal IELTS coach. Here you will be introduced to each module and assessed to allow us to tailor this course to your personal needs.

  • Module 2: Test Procedure

    This module is a detailed explanation of the IELTS speaking test procedure. All aspects of the test are covered, including test-day advice. Each of the three sections of the test are explained thoroughly, with examples and common pitfalls. Students complete this module of the course individually. The recommended time for this module is 2 hours.

  • Module 3: Test Criteria

    This module looks at the nuts and bolts of the IELTS speaking exam, explaining the examiner rubrics and providing essential guidance on each one. In each of the four subsections in this module, you will complete a theory and practical component to put the concepts you learn into practice.

  • Module 4: Fluency and Coherence

    This aspect of the IELTS test deals with your ability to speak for an extended period on a given topic. It also gauges how effectively you use English to convey information and ideas in a logical, intelligible way. This module of the course focuses on speech planning techniques under pressure, as well as the use of connectives in spoken English. These two skills are essential to achieving a high band score for Fluency and Coherence. It should take you 1 hour to work through the theory and complete the practical tasks.

  • Module 5: Lexical Resource

    Speaking well requires good vocabulary. Good vocabulary doesn’t just mean “big words” or “difficult words”. A speaker with good lexical resource knows exactly the right word for the situation he or she is trying to describe. This module analyzes extensive transcripts of interviews, equipping you to see each one through the eyes of an IELTS assessor. There is a focused practice task on the subject of collocation, an essential skill that features as a requirement for higher band scores in the IELTS speaking rubric. Approximately 2 hours should be allotted to this module.

  • Module 6: Grammatical Range and Accuracy

    Grammar is important in IELTS. This is because grammar is the means by which we encode meaning in a way that we know will be understood by the people listening to us. You can forget about many old school rules that were drummed into your head as a child, but you do need to be sensitive to grammatical structures in order to achieve a high band score for IELTS speaking. The theory component of this module deals with what Range and Accuracy mean, why they matter and when they matter. The practical task focuses on error correction and the use of idioms. This module is quite heavy on reading, so you will need an hour to get through it.

  • Module 7: Pronunciation

    There are many misconceptions about pronunciation in the IELTS test. This module clarifies everything you need to know about how your pronunciation is assessed. After a thorough explanation of what the examiners are looking for – and what they aren’t – there is a task on word stress and sentence stress. Give yourself 2 hours for this module.

  • Module 8: IELTS Speaking Myths

    This short module covers bad advice that we have collected from around the world, delivered either online or via other channels. It’s important that we dispel these misconceptions so that they don’t interfere with your test preparation and performance. This module takes 1 hour to finish.

  • Module 9: Audio-Visual Presentations

    This module gives you access to high-quality recordings of individuals speaking English at various skill levels. The practical task involves answering questions about the performance of each individual, to see how much you have understood from the preceding modules. This module sums up the course perfectly by giving you direct experience of what a successful IELTS speaking candidate sounds like. This should take you around 2 hours.

  • Module 10: Final Readiness Assessment and Feedback

    To conclude your Speaking Development Course, you will have a face-to-face meeting with your IELTS tutor, either online or in-person. During this session, your tutor will take you through a simulated exam and evaluate your performance. You will also have an opportunity to ask any final questions and raise any concerns that you have.

Channel your focus in developing the key skills you need to succeed!

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You will be assigned to your own IELTS coach, who will guide you through the process, monitor your progress and provide additional feedback on performance.

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