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A Virtual course for repeat test takers or for those who have attended our Highway IELTS workshop and Identified reading as a weakness.

Course Information:

Highway IELTS Reading Development Course:

The Reading module of the IELTS exam is a demanding test. It’s essential that you approach this test with the right mindset and the right strategies. The Highway IELTS Reading Development Course provides the tools to do this. If you have attended a Highway IELTS Workshop, or you have already fallen short of your desired score in IELTS reading, this course will help you to identify, and then build up, any weaknesses in your reading skills. 

Upon enrollment, you will be assigned your own IELTS coach, who will guide you through the process. Your coach will arrange a face-to-face session with you, to review your progress through the course and discuss the way forward. The 80-page workbook that you receive when you register includes:

  • In-depth overview of the structure of the test
  • Detailed explanation of all question types
  • Examples and strategies relevant to each question type
  • Discussion of the most common mistakes 
  • Test-day strategies to save time and maximize accuracy
  • Hands-on practice for both General Training and Academic 
  • Skill development in key areas (reading speed, reading sub-skills and comprehension)

What will I learn?

At the end of the process you will have learned:

  • Strategies for tackling each question type 
  • How to improve your reading speed and reading comprehension
  • How to identify and avoid common mistakes

Reading is a challenging test for two main reasons. Firstly, the texts are long and complex. The sheer volume of material makes it difficult to read each text from beginning to end before tackling the questions. Secondly, the questions and instructions are highly specific and any deviation from these instructions will attract penalties. Throughout the test, and especially when transferring your answers to the answer sheet (or selecting your answers in the computer-based test), you need to be mindful of these instructions and make sure that every answer you give satisfies the requirements. Crucially, you need to make sure that each answer makes sense in its context, which might mean making minor modifications in parts of speech or spelling. To succeed in IELTS Reading, you need to understand all of these issues. The Reading Development course covers them all in detail. The course incorporates two modules:

  • Introduction to essential reading skills, with detailed practical exercises and self-assessment rubrics
  •  Overview of IELTS reading question types, with guided practice and time-saving strategies

1-2 Weeks

15 – 25 Hours






Success Stories

Channel your focus in developing the key skills you need to succeed!

Modules Included in this Course:

  • Module 1: Entry Assessment

    As the first step in your IELTS Reading Development journey, your tutor will assess your current reading abilities. The goal of this assessment is to determine how your skills measure up against IELTS test criteria. The rest of your program will be tailored to respond to the needs identified at this stage. You will need to set aside one hour to complete the assessment and another 30 minutes to discuss your results with your tutor.

  • Module 2: Comprehension

    Understanding what you read is essential to success in the IELTS exam. This is obvious enough, but it’s important that you improve your ability to read, recall and interpret written information. This module incorporates strategies for discerning subtle meanings in texts, as well as an introduction to collocation, which enhances your ability to see “chunks” rather than individual words.

  • Module 3: Skill focus reading speed

    IELTS reading texts are long. You need to be an efficient reader in order to achieve a high band score. A slow reading speed will hamper your ability to find the relevant information and answer the questions in the required time. The practical component of this module gives you exercises to increase the speed at which you read. In addition, you will practice on 5 original texts, designed to mirror the length and density of IELTS Reading.

  • Module 4: Skill focus scanning and skimming

    Even with a high reading speed, you will not have time to read each text word-for-word when you take the IELTS exam. It’s essential that you know how to read selectively and sift relevant information from irrelevant detail. Scanning and skimming are two indispensable reading sub-skills that you need to develop in order to do this. This module will teach you when and how to do both.

  • Module 5: Reading for detail

    During your IELTS Reading test, there will be moments where you cannot rely on scanning or skimming. When this happens, you will have to read for detail. Close reading helps you to avoid falling into traps, particularly in multiple-choice questions. This module goes into detail on how to safely navigate your way through complex or ambiguous texts.

  • Module 6: Question types

    This module provides a detailed explanation of all question types in IELTS reading, including examples and strategies for tackling each one. You have to make optimal use of your limited time by approaching each question with an appropriate strategy. The sheer variety of IELTS reading question types can be daunting. This module will equip you fully to deal with all of them.

  • Module 7: Comparative assessment

    Once you have completed the preceding modules, your tutor will reassess your reading skills, using a different but comparable assessment to the one you completed in module 1. On this basis, your tutor will be able to advise you fully on your test-readiness and the progress you have made since you started the course.

Channel your focus in developing the key skills you need to succeed!

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