Grammar for IELTS Writing

Grammar is important for IELTS writing exams. If you are able to use a suitable range of grammatical structures to express your ideas you will enhance your score. However, it is equally important that you … Read More

Why Professional People Fail IELTS

professionals fail ielts

Many highly educated people fail IELTS and have to make additional attempts at the exam. Professional people with university education make up a large proportion of the millions who take the IELTS exam every year. … Read More

The Apostrophe in the IELTS Writing Exam

Many people ask us: does the apostrophe matter in the IELTS writing exam? The answer, of course, is yes. Putting an apostrophe in the wrong place, or leaving it out, can damage the impression that … Read More

How to Identify Good IELTS Preparation Sources

You probably know already that the internet is teeming with IELTS preparation sources. A quick internet search will reveal a vast amount of information on IELTS preparation. Of course, free access to near-unlimited information comes … Read More

Answering the IELTS Listening Test

In this post we will be discussing one of the most common pitfalls in answering the IELTS listening test. Very often, people who achieve a good band score in other areas of the IELTS exam … Read More

How to Format Your IELTS Writing Task

IELTS Writing Task Format

How important is format in the IELTS writing test? Coherence and Cohesion, in other words, format, makes up 25% of your total writing score. It is essential that you understand how to format your responses when attempting the IELTS writing test.

Passing IELTS in three P’s

For many people, passing IELTS is part of their life plans. The decision to study, work or live in a new country is a big one. Once you have made this decision with your family, … Read More