The Three P’s to Help You Pass the IELTS Exam

The decision to study, work, or to permanently live overseas, is not a decision that one makes
lightly. There are numerous factors to consider, and the personal adjustment, as well as the
adjustment for your family and friends is a tough time for all involved. However, once you have
made your decision and you have settled it within yourself and your family are all on board, the
road has just begun. The logistics of taking this step can seem overwhelming and may make
you feel as though you’d rather turn back and stay within the place that you feel comfortable.
But, if being overseas is what you want, than any challenge can be tackled and overcome. One
of the biggest challenges that would need to be overcome, would be to pass the IELTS
examination and achieve the band score you require to be accepted into the country you are
choosing to emigrate to, or spend a period of time in. Here are some tips that will help you
when you are on the road to writing your IELTS examination.


Whatever your reason for going overseas, be it to study, work or to live permanently, the
way you use your time from when you make this life changing decision to when you board
your airplane is crucial. Preparation in every area of your life is key to making this transition
as smooth as possible. Preparation for the IELTS examination is important, as these are a
series of taxing examinations that are unlike the examinations you have faced in school, and
they are marked on an extremely strict criteria. You need to prepare yourself financially so
that you can attend the IELTS workshop. This workshop will give you the tools and tips you
need to pass the IELTS examination. This workshop is thorough and your instructor will go
through each section of the examination with you in great detail so that you will be as
prepared as you could possibly be when you sit down to write the exam. So, if you do not
have the cash and feel as though you can just do the examination, it is highly recommended
that you save and invest in your preparation so that you feel confident and know what you
are facing when you sit down to these examinations.
Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally are important steps on your journey to moving
overseas. This is true when taking the IELTS examination. You need to be prepared, the
IELTS examination is not something to be taken lightly. The examination is divided into four
sections and you need to be mentally, as well as emotionally prepared for each section. The
IELTS workshop instructor will be able to help you prepare. You will also be given a time to
ask questions and chat with your instructor as well as the other people in your class. So,
what it basically comes down to, is book your class, this is the first step to take in your
preparation for the IELTS examination, not to mention all the preparation tips and
strategies you will receive during the workshop.


Practice is always vital when you know you need to overcome a new challenge. Be it facing
a race or an obstacle course, you need to spend the time in the gym, training, running the
kilometers you need to get you to a place where you are ready to face your challenge head
on and conquer it. Practicing for the IELTS examination is exactly the same. You need to
put in the time and the effort to be able to pass. Very few of us would be able to just sit
down, write the exam and walk away with a pass and the band score required to be able to
take our next step in going overseas. The IELTS workshop is a key setting for you to assess
where you stand in terms of the criteria you will be marked on, and from this place you will
be able to determine just how much practice you need to put in before you arrive at your
venue the day of your examination. One of the examinations is the speaking examination.
This examination is quite possibly one of the ones you need to practice for the most, it is
also one of the easier examinations to practice for. You could stand in front of your mirror
and practice going over the topics your IELTS workshop instructor gave you. You could ask
a friend or a family member to interview you as practice for your exam. The more you
practice, the more confident you will feel on the day you face your examiner.

Another way in which you could practice for your IELTS examination is to try and source
past papers online, or revision papers. These are however, difficult to find but they are out
there if you are willing to put in the time necessary to find them. However, during your
IELTS workshop you will be given your IELTS participant workbook and you can pre-order
the X-Kit Essential English Reference book, both of these will provide you with enough
information to go through to practice for the IELTS examination.


Often, when faced with a new challenge that we’re excited or nervous about, we tend to
rush to get it done as quickly as we can, be it our excitement driving us or our nerves
pushing us to rush through and get it over and done with. For example, many of us saying
our first poem in front of our class at school rushed through it as quickly as our mouths
could possibly move, making what we were saying completely unintelligible. Now, many of
you coming up to writing your IELTS examination may be experiencing an array of emotions
that may cause you to make some easily avoidable mistakes if you rush through your
papers. To tackle the IELTS examination, you need to be patient with yourself, don’t try to
rush any part of your examination as rushing leads to mistakes. During the IELTS workshop,
your instructor will be able to guide you as to how much time you need to devote to each
section in each exam. This information is crucial for you to be able to allocate the right
amount of time you need to devote to each section. If you are prepared in knowing this,

you will be able to patiently make your way through your papers, devoting all the necessary
time you need so that you can provide the best answers you could possibly give. Be patient,
don’t rush. This point cannot be stressed enough. Your IELTS workshop instructor will help
you, during the workshop you attend, if you choose to attend one, take the time to do the
work, don’t rush through any part of the workshop, listen to everything your instructor says
carefully, and absorb as much as you can. During the reading examination, read the text
and your questions carefully, if you rush through the text, you could easily miss important
details. During your listening examination, take the time to make sure a simple thing like
your headphones are working correctly, rushing through a sound check could have
devastating results when facing this examination. The speaking examination requires you
to listen carefully so that you can respond appropriately. Listen carefully in this
examination and when you answer, speak clearly and confidently, try to not let your nerves
take over. This examination is not one in which you can rush through, so be patient and
take your time.

Preparation, practice and patience are key elements when you choose to take on the IELTS
examination. Each step is vital and key to remember. If you follow these tips and the ones
given to you in your IELTS workshop, you will be placing yourself on the road to success. Of
course there are no guarantees that you will definitely pass and achieve the band score you
require, but taking these tips under serious consideration and following the guidelines given
to you during the IELTS workshop can only place you in a better position to passing the
examination, achieving the band score you require, and taking you further down the road to
arriving in the country that you have chosen to permanently live, work or study in.