Common Mistakes with Idioms

common mistakes with idioms

In this article we will be discussing and correcting some common mistakes with idioms. This topic is directly relevant to the speaking and writing IELTS tests. This is because the concept “idiom” features in the rubrics … Read More

IELTS for Afrikaans Speakers

IELTS for Afrikaans Speakers

As a proudly South African company, IELTS for Afrikaans speakers is one of our most important research topics. It’s no secret that South Africans are currently seeking to emigrate in fairly large numbers. A large number … Read More

From 6.5 to 7 in IELTS Writing

6.5 to 7 IELTS Writing

Moving from 6.5 to 7 in IELTS writing is a hot topic. Falling short of a required band score is a common problem for IELTS test takers. This is particularly true for people who go in … Read More