How to Generate Ideas for IELTS

generate ideas For IELTS

People frequently ask us how to generate ideas for IELTS writing task 2. This is a great question, because getting writer’s block in IELTS is definitely something you want to avoid. The most important thing to … Read More

Where Should I Start with IELTS?

start ielts

If you are approaching the exam for the first time, you have probably asked yourself: “Where should I start with IELTS?”. You may have asked people online, too, and received conflicting answers. It’s an important question … Read More

IELTS for Arabic Speakers

IELTS for Arabic Speakers

At Highway IELTS we service an international clientele. One of our priorities is developing training to make IELTS accessible for Arabic speakers. This post is part of a series dealing with language-specific topics and issues. It … Read More

IELTS on a Computer or on Paper: What’s Better?

Ielts on a computer

IELTS is available in both paper-based and computer-delivered form. This means that it is possible to take IELTS on a computer or on paper. Some people talk about the “traditional” (paper-based) form, and the “computer-based” form. … Read More

Can I Buy an IELTS Certificate?

Among the many questions people ask us, one of the strangest is: “Can I buy an IELTS Certificate?” Of course, the question has a simple answer: no. But the fact that it comes up so often … Read More

IELTS under Quarantine

IELTS quarantine

“IELTS under quarantine” is not an article I ever expected to write. Quarantine is not a word that anyone likes. It comes into English from the Italian quaranta giorni (forty days), which was the period that … Read More

IELTS Listening is changing!

IELTS listening

It was recently announced that IELTS Listening is changing. To help you navigate these changes, we have summarised them and commented on how they will effect your test experience. The IELTS listening test can be a … Read More

Can IELTS Examiners Teach IELTS?

examiners teach IELTS

People often ask us: can examiners teach IELTS? Unlike most of the questions we handle at Highway IELTS, this one has a very simple answer: no. In this article we will be describing the role of … Read More

You Need Time to Prepare for IELTS

time to prepare for IELTS

Whether you are a first-timer or an IELTS veteran, you will need time to prepare for IELTS. All too often, people find this out too late. We really wish nobody would fall into this trap. It’s … Read More

Online versus In-Person IELTS Preparation

online in person IELTS

You’re probably already aware that to succeed in IELTS you need to prepare beforehand, but you might be unsure of the value of online versus in-person IELTS preparation. This decision should take account of many factors, … Read More

IELTS for Teachers

IELTS for Teachers

Education is one of the industries for which countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada offer visas. Teachers with adequate experience will find a range of prospective employers in their target countries. Teachers with additional or … Read More

Why Students Need IELTS

IELST Students

At Highway IELTS, people often ask us why students need IELTS. It seems unnecessary, so the argument goes, to make young people who have just graduated from high school sit yet another exam. This is all … Read More

IELTS Speaking: How to Keep Going

IELTS speaking

The IELTS Speaking exam has a frightening reputation. Thankfully, this is totally undeserved. If you prepare in advance, the IELTS speaking test can be an opportunity to get a high band score on your certificate. For … Read More

How to Format Your IELTS Writing Task

IELTS Writing Task Format

How important is format in the IELTS writing test? Coherence and Cohesion, in other words, format, makes up 25% of your total writing score. It is essential that you understand how to format your responses when attempting the IELTS writing test.

Passing IELTS in three P’s

For many people, passing IELTS is part of their life plans. The decision to study, work or live in a new country is a big one. Once you have made this decision with your family, the … Read More